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The changing scenario of world economy and the newly created world trading system would have inflexible impact on all business areas including Pharmaceutical Industry. All WTO members have to change their national laws to comply with the rules in the new trade agreements, and they are feeling the effects. Now, the WTO Development Agenda - will change business conditions worldwide again - should be at the center of business's concerns. In these negotiations, one might assume that all WTO members are preparing national positions, which incorporate diverging political, business and other interests. Businesses are reorganizing their product & services profile to be competitive in the changing world.

Repharm provide you to look into the ways to appropriately evaluate the risk and make it a business potential.

We can provide you the consultancy to chose from get produced your product locally or importing it from another location at lower cost. We can also assist you to find out the market for your finish product export. Just lets know if you are required finish product to import in Pakistan or your want to export and make this change into a business potential.

Yes, we want to import Finish Product in Pakistan
Yes, we want to export our Product to other countries