Wastes from health-care activities; For instance, immunizations, diagnostic tests, medical treatments, and laboratory examinations - protect and restore health and save lives. But what about the wastes and by-products they generate?

Structural problem with China's pharmaceutical industry; In 2003, the production of pharmaceutical industry in China maintained a growth rate of over 15% for 25 years in succession, and each major indicator of industrial production shows a sustainable, healthy and rapid increase.

Corporate branding is becoming an increasingly predominant feature in pharma company agendas, but have they got what it takes to make it work? However, in the pharmaceutical sector it seems that brands contain much less perceptual value. Pharma companies live and die by their products, but even then

Diabetics in Pakistan & Around the world; 9 million people suffer from diabetes in Pakistan. This was stated by Dr M. Tayyab Badsha while delivering a lecture on "Diabetes" at the Shifa International Hospital here. The disease is common in people over 40 years of age, he added. diabetes was common in the younger generation

Europe's Pharmaceutical 'Free Ride' Might Not Be So Free after All; Europe's Pharmaceutical 'Free Ride' Might Not Be So Free after All; European Drug Prices Are 25-35% Lower Than the US -- but a New Study from Bain & Company Suggests Americans Might Be Getting the Better Deal.

If you can get your R&D and marketing teams to talk, you're onto a winner; Over the past several years, the pharmaceutical industry has mired itself in a productivity drought. New drug approvals plummeted from 53 in 1996 to just 26 in 2002. At the same time, R&D spending nearly doubled from $17bn in 1996 to $32bn in 2002.

Mass Murder by Complacency; AIDS has always been a controversial subject in North America. Here it is usually tied in the public imagination to the gay community and IV drug use. Many still agree with Pat Buchanan's assertion, made in the early 1980's, that AIDS is "Nature's revenge on homosexuals." Buchanan was wrong, of course, not just for being homophobic, but for assuming that AIDS is a homosexual disease.

Occupational and community noise; The hubbub of the city -- the phrase conveys the excitement, the hustle and bustle of urban life, the throng of crowds and traffic, traders, shoppers, rowdy diversion and entertainment. In ancient Rome the clatter of iron wheels of wagons on the stone pavements disturbed the sleep and so annoyed citizens that legislation was enacted to control movement.

Pharma companies need to maximise on their web presence in order to communicate more effectively with their customers; The pharmaceutical industry has spent millions of pounds on its web presence since the mid 1990s. Many did so because "everyone else had a web presence" and they wanted to go one better. It could almost be described as an online manifestation of the herd instinct,

Pharma sector may face US sanctions; US body wants Pakistan on IPR watch list; ISLAMABAD: The country's pharmaceutical sector may face US sanctions as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PHRMA) has demanded of the US government to put Pakistan on a special watch list for violation of intellectual property rights (IPR).

The Drug Delivery Industry Will Be A $12 Billion Industry; By the year 2005, the drug delivery industry will be a $12 billion industry, a figure that certainly makes investors sit up and take notice of an industry that only started to emerge in the last 20 years. The materialization of drug delivery companies has moved the discovery of novel delivery systems out of Big Pharma,and into small, niche companies

What happens when children live in unhealthy environments? Over five million children per year die from illnesses and other conditions caused by the environments in which they live, learn and play. Around two million children under five die every year from acute respiratory infections, the largest killer of young children. These infections are aggravated by environmental hazards such as indoor air pollution.