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Objective & Vision

Repharm, a young trend setting, innovative and dynamic company, has the ability to deliver mission critical information to clients as fast as possible under broad range of high-end services and solutions.

We have group of highly skilled professionals & consultants. Our team members have vast experience of academia, regulatory bodies in Pakistan and abroad. Our experts from industry have proven track record. This is inclining us to revolutionize the service within pharmaceutical industry.

Repharm is a professional service company connecting pharmaceutical professionals, experts and executives nationwide and abroad. We provide complete resources in helping you to locate partners around the world for your raw material needs, toll manufacturing, complete outsourcing, Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Studies, handling regulatory & legal issues related to ministry of health or other regulatory bodies. We can also offer you new and innovative products and technologies to keep a head in the market place.

Repharm aim is to facilitate in exchanging ideas and opinions among pharmaceutical industry. We have special interest to assist local industry in competing within changing global scenario.

Through our services & contacts,
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